Monday, May 30, 2011

Early Father's Day Present

We've been wanting a good grill for years. We used part of our tax return this year to buy one to grace our new deck. Daniel has been cooking up a storm on it. Now that we've had all the basic foods, I'm hoping he'll get a little adventurous and try shish kabobs and steaks. The best thing he's made so far has been bacon wrapped burgers. Mmmm. This grill is fun because it can hold a lot of food on it's five main burners and can cook a side dish on the sixth burner on the left hand side. It's got all kinds of fun features like holders for the metal shish kabob sticks it comes with. The important thing, is that Daniel seems to really enjoy it.

We went to a baby shower for some friends where Daniel met a man who gave him some grilling tips and advice like "always keep a spray bottle of water handy for when the grill flames up" and "pre-cook the chicken a bit in the oven or boil it to avoid serving raw chicken or having to blacken it." I love that Daniel isn't afraid to ask questions and take advice.

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