Friday, May 13, 2011

Boo's Princess Party

"Boo" turned 7 in May. She is a big fan of all Disney princesses and especially loves the Little Mermaid. We went all out for her party. There was a treasure chest full of jewels for all the guests to wear, everyone came in costume, and there was even a treasure hunt to find chocolate gold coins. My friend, Brandy, loaned me a cake pan and helped me prepare the icing. I had so much fun decorating her. It was really a Barbie cake pan, but "Boo" absolutely loved it.

We had some special guests at the party. This was the weekend that we got to do respite for two little girls whose foster parents we had met at the foster parent banquet. They were adorable, although they reminded me of little female versions of Shane when he first came to us. The three girls from the foster family who provided respite for "Boo" and "Junie B." also came to the party. So, in total at her party there were 5 former foster kids and 4 current foster kids. The party went really well and everyone had a great time. I even took "Boo" to the beauty salon where she got a haircut and had rainbow sparkle foil strands added to her hair. I think it was a party to remember for "Boo".

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