Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home Improvement

Since we bought our new home in October of last year we've been steadily making changes. We painted the kids' rooms, all but one. The first weekend in May we finally painted the last one, "Junie B.'s" room. She chose "baby blue" her favorite color and helped paint it. We've now finally replaced every light inside the whole house on all three floors. Daniel had gone through last fall and replaced a lot of the smaller ceiling lights and put ceiling fans in the four non-basement bedrooms. With the first part of our tax returns arriving, we were able to replace the kitchen, foyer, dining room, and living room lights. The one in the living room had just been a bare bulb that hadn't been replaced since 2004 when the house was built.

The problem with that light was that the ceiling was 16 feet off the ground, right in the center of the room. So we needed to rent a 14 foot A-frame ladder from Home Depot to reach it. The ladder was also helpful for replacing the pendant light in the foyer (entry way) of our home. The old lights were all bottom of the line cheap gold builder's lights. The new ones are brushed nickle (except the dining room chandelier) with white opaque globes. They're so pretty, and instantly improved the look of our home. Those gold lights always reminded me of the fixtures in every trailer I ever grew up in.

We also bought some tan "bisque" colored paint for the dining room, some accent spots in the living room around the fire place, and the back side of the kitchen island. Next for us, is buying a few last curtains and replacing all the faucets. So far we've only replaced the faucet in the guest bathroom. We hope to eventually replace the carpet on the main floor and replace the tile with wood, but that may take a while before we can do all that. In the meantime, I'm loving my house more each day.

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