Friday, May 06, 2011

Foster Parent Banquet 2011

In an odd coincidence, this year at the foster parent banquet we ended up sitting next to the foster parents who would be providing respite for our two girls the next day. They live just two blocks behind our house and their oldest daughter, Alecia, is one of Danya's best friends from school. They also have two other younger daughters, so "Junie B." and "Boo" had plenty of girls to play with.

The other couple at the table were looking for someone to provide respite for them soon. We said we'd be willing, but it would exceed the 8 kid limit, so they'd need to get permission from our certification worker. They called us a few days later and said that our county had approved it, so we watched the girls the next weekend. Then our certification worker came over to say that there was a mix up. She'd been out of town and the caseworker for the OTHER family with our last name was contacted about the respite. That family was approved, not ours, because they only have a few kids. Oops.

At the banquet there were several drawings and we won a bunch of free tickets to the Cinebarre movie theater. Daniel and I love to go to the movies! We decided that we'd use the free tickets to invite friends from Sunday school to go with us and just pay for our own tickets. So far we've gotten one couple to go with us, but scheduling has been a problem with the others we've asked.

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