Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor Sick Baby

Poor little Katie has been sick for a week now. She started out with a fever of 103 that lasted about 5 days. The doctor says she's just sick and not to worry unless the fever hits 104. She has a really bad runny stuffy nose that causes her to cough until she throws up when she lays down. She hasn't been sleeping very well due to that problem.

She's finally feeling a little better and not crying and clinging to us quite as much, but she's still stick. We've been praying for her and giving her lots of love and hugs, not to mention more infant Tylenol and Motrin than I've ever had to give a baby before. Those were the only medicines the doctor said we could give her. I wish there was something to help with her runny nose. She seems to get sick more than my other kids ever did at that age. My "mommy guilt" is worrying that it's because I didn't nurse her as long as the others.

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