Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Katelynn 11 Months

Actually, half the time we just call her "Gracie". She answers to both. I still think it's not fair that she doesn't like to say "Momma" but she says "Daya" all the time when she wants Danya.

When we put the kids in the day care room so we could attend a foster parenting class at the DCFS building she went nuts yelling for her big sister until the workers got Danya out of the big kid room and brought her in to hold Katie. She's very spoiled. She's demanding and thinks everyone should answer her demands the minute she makes them. If we don't she grabs at us with her super sharp nails or screams at us.

But she's also incredibly fun and loving. She gives the best snuggles and laughs at every little thing. One bad habit she's picked up lately is thumb sucking. I think she learned it from Kevin who seems to do it every now and then without realizing it. Katie has learned how to bounce on beds and won't let us pass by one without letting her bounce for a couple of minutes. She also cracks us up when she wants to hold the extra game controller when anyone is playing a video game. It's like she thinks she's playing, too.

Her favorite thing is music. She'll dance to anything remotely resembling music. When we all sing in the car she throws her hands into the air and be-bops from side to side. It's incredibly cute. Whenever she can't sleep at night or she's sick, we just find some Christian music videos on Youtube. She especially likes the Rich Mullins Screen Door video.

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christina said...

great pictures! she is adorable.