Friday, August 07, 2009

Yankee Doodle Girl!

Katie was so cute in her Fourth of July outfit. She actually had two different outfits since the one I'd been saving for her for months now was what she wore on July 3rd when we celebrated at Sarah's house. This is the outfit she actually wore on the fourth.

I can't believe she's already 5 months old. She can do so much more. She getting really good with her hands. When she's hungry she can even get some foods into her mouth after a few tries all on her own. For some reason she thinks it's hilarious to bang rattles against her diaper. Best of all, she mimics everyone around her. If we smile, she smiles. When anyone laughs, she giggles and wants to join in whatever the fun is. She's so ticklish, too! When the doctor was examining her for her check up she was giggling on the table. Of course, she stopped smiling when the nurse gave her a shot. But she was back to her happy self again within a few minutes.

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I have a good life said...

I can't believe she is already so old. Sorry. I have not been blogging forever. I have missed seeing what you and your wonderful family have been up to. I am glad that Katie is such a sweet and precious and happy baby. What a great addition!