Friday, August 07, 2009

Eating her Veggies

Katie is learning to eat baby foods of all kinds. She really loves sweet potatoes but doesn't much care for green beans, peas, or carrots. She'll eat any kind of fruit blend. Katie makes the cutest faces when she first tastes something new.

When we are eating something soft we usually let her have a taste. So far she's gotten excited and actually growled and whined when we paused after feeding her some cheese sauce and also some marinara sauce. I just know she's going to follow after me in loving all sorts of Italian foods.

She also gets to occasionally chew on bread sticks, pizza crusts, and biter biscuits. I'm sure we're breaking all the doctor recommended guidelines but our other kids survived it, so I'm guessing she will, too.

What I'm not so sure about is what I plan to do in regards to her vaccination schedule. My friend, Deanna, took me to a seminar that discusses childhood vaccines, what's in them and how they are made, and also the potential side effects. I was properly shocked and horrified and now I'm concerned about which vaccines I should allow her to receive. At her recent check up I talked it over with the doctor and we're going to spread her vaccines out over a period of weeks instead of letting them give her several all at once. We're also skipping a few. I'm not sure what else we'll do since, as a foster family, we're required to have all our kids' vaccinations up to date.

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