Friday, August 07, 2009

Superman turns Three

If Kevin was a foster child instead of our biological child and I had to come up with a nickname for him on my blog I would definitely call him Superman. He loves to sing along with that song on our Kids Bop CD, although he gets the lyrics slightly wrong. He runs around stores and everywhere else singing, "If I go crazy will you keep calling me SUPERMAN!?" And he's constantly informing us that he's "superhuman". Then he tells us to look at his muscles and says, "Yeah. That's cuz I'm really strong."

For his birthday we took him back to the Children's Museum. We had originally intended to have a party at the local outdoor pool, but after trying the place out we didn't feel up to trying to keep multiple 3 year olds safe in that environment. In the end none of his friends were able to come anyway, so it didn't really matter. He really likes the museum and had a great birthday. Some gifts we gave him were a train set, Lincoln Logs, and big dinosaurs. His favorite gift was probably his Speed Racer car. He calls it "Feed Racer", but that's alright.


Glenda said...

which children's musem did you visit? Just wondering because that looks more like my pictures than Christina's

April said...

Oh my, I can not believe he's 3 already! How in the world did that happen so fast!!