Friday, August 07, 2009

Fireworks and Friends

We had a great Independence Day this year. We bought way too many fireworks, as usual, and I forgot to take our yearly photo of the entire pile. Our babysitter, Sarah, and her family agreed to let us light our fireworks at their house. Our city has a policy now that you basically can't do any fireworks at all. Sarah lives in Westminster where you can do smaller fireworks. We had our traditional tank wars and races with anything on wheels. All the kids enjoyed the sparklers and smoke bombs. Some of the best ones were these little things called Zips that made a quick zipping sound and took off into the air.

We let each of the kids pick out about $10 worth of fireworks that they didn't have to share with anyone (unless they wanted to) which made their day. We had an interesting time trying to find actual fireworks stands, as opposed to warehouses within city limits. Sarah's dad decided to go all out and turn the evening into a cook out. He grilled up all kinds of delicious things and sliced some fresh watermelon. It was great! We brought our own diet pop and baked chips so that we could stay within our Weight Watcher's points. Sarah's brother and his friends helped our youngest kids light their fireworks since Daniel and I couldn't be everywhere at once. It was a really fun night. The only tough part was that we ended up staying up WAY too late!

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