Friday, August 07, 2009

American Symbols

One of the things the kids are learning about right now are the symbols of our country. Snow White really picked up quick on the meaning behind the stripes and stars on our flag. I'm also trying to incorporate plenty of craft projects into our school days because it keeps the kids excited to learn and gives them a goal for when the book work part is done.

This time the girls made paper flags and the boys made star mobiles. I think the girls were a little bit jealous of the boys' mobiles. We hung all of their projects up around the house. They really enjoyed showing them to all the caseworkers and other people who've come to visit since then.


christina said...

SO is the adoption Final????

Jess said...

Um, no comment until I can get the pictures uploaded. :)

christina said...

i lose internet on monday becaseu we start the move , so i am aliitle impatient sorry! lol