Monday, April 09, 2012

Science Experiment: Is Black a Color?

 Gloria did a science experiment for the science fair this year.  She was testing various black inks to see what colors they really contained inside.  Through her research she discovered that, when referring to light, black is not a color, but that in black ink there are actually many colors.  I think it was a good experience for her, but she needed a little more direction from the teacher.

She and Danya are in the same science class this year at their Tuesday Options program.  I'm a little frustrated by it.

I thought that the reason we put them in this class was so that they could do more elaborate hands on science experiments in class than we usually do at home.  Instead, the teacher devoted two months to having the kids come home, choose an experiment with me and do the work entirely at home.  She would ask us to send some of the busy work to class with them so they'd have something to do there.  Seems like a waste of a class period to me if it's really all just homework.

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