Friday, April 06, 2012

Adoption Party

 We celebrated our children's adoption with a big party at a place called A Little Monkey Bizness.  It has inflatables and other fun toys to climb on.  The giant slide was popular.  We were so happy that so many of our friends from church were able to join us even though we scheduled the party on Good Friday.  Most of them went straight from the party to church for the special event there.  Karyie and Jordan's former foster mom even came to congratulate them and brought gifts.  We gave Jordan a few small gifts including a cute hat and some things with her name on them.  We gave Michael a cool trick scooter.

I think we've all just been feeling an intense feeling of relief that there will be no more involvement in our lives from the county or silly rules and restrictions placed on us all.  We can now cut their hair whenever we want.  The kids can jump on trampolines.  We can even take an overnight trip without getting court approval. It's just so good to finally legally be a family.

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