Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Molly's Future

Molly let me babysit my granddaughter, Alayna, for the first time while she was taking her final tests at her high school.  I dropped Alayna off outside the school after Molly was finished.  I hate that I only get to see them once every week or two.  I wish I could just wrap them up in bubble wrap and keep them safe at all times.  It's so hard to accept the realization that Molly is basically fast forwarding her life and becoming a young adult.  It's difficult to believe that the daughter of my heart, who I first met as a hurt and scared little 12 year old with a smile for everyone, is now a mommy of her own little girl.

She's living in a group home for teen moms right now.  We've invited them to live with us if she should decide she'd like to finish out her last two years of high school.  The group home people are encouraging her to just get her G.E.D.  I hope she doesn't go that route.  She's talking about trying to finish the necessary school work on her own and complete school as a Junior.  I'm not sure what will happen to her or to my grandbaby.  All we can do is pray for her daily, which we do, and continue to offer as much love and support as possible.

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