Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yarn Extensions

I attempted a new style this month.  We put in extensions using black yarn.  Yup, that's yarn.  It's just your basic cheap soft Red Heart yarn from Hobby Lobby.  But when they wear it, it's hard to tell that it's not their real hair until you look up close.  You can tell my first attempt on "Hoop's" hair was a bit uneven.  About a week later we redid the short ones so that they're all more uniform in length.

Both girls really love the extensions, although, after three weeks, "Hoops" is ready for a change.  I still can't believe we got "Happy" to sit still for the hour and a half this style took to put in.  That's not even counting the time it took to take out her previous style, detangle and wash her hair first.  She swings her extensions and grins so big her face may split.  And she doesn't mess them up, either, which is nice.  This may be my new favorite hair style for "Happy".

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