Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Drama Drama Drama

 So, I was informed on Tuesday that my three girls' drama performances were actually scheduled to begin at 4pm, not 4:30.  Which meant that there was no way I could be on time.  You see, normally, our babysitter Shannon comes to our house after school on Tuesdays so that I can pick 5 of our kids up at 3:30 from Options and she can be home with the two youngest when our other two kids arrive from the nearby public school at about 3:45.

That wouldn't work this time, because we wanted all the kids to get to come to the performances.  So I arrived about 10 minutes late (it's a 30 minute drive) and was immediately bombarded by a teacher coming to tell me that my son Shane had an accident and had a giant goose egg on his head from colliding with  another kid.

Then I went up to see the show.  But "Happy" was not so happy and kept fussing and climbing and squirming.  Kevin and "Lego Man" wouldn't stay sitting where I put them.  I couldn't get a good photo of the stage without getting in front of people.  Ugh.  It's so hard attending events without Daniel.

Then, as I was rounding up kids and costumes and clothes and accessories, I saw a strange man talking to some of my kids.  He was telling them that he'd taken lots of photos of them. ?!*?  I asked him how he knew them and he said he wasn't a parent or a teacher... but he had a nephew there.  Still didn't explain why he was taking pics of my kids...  But it turned out that the nephew was named Lucas and was in Shane and Kevin's class.  That's the name of a kid who has been bullying Shane since school started!  I had the man point out Lucas and his mom and went over to meet her and see if we could find a solution.

Turns out, it was the wrong kid.  There are two boys named Lucas in the class.  Okay, not a problem.  So, I talked to the mom a few minutes.  She told me about another kid in the class who has been fighting with her son and asked what was going on with Shane and the other Lucas.  We laughed about something my 2 year olds were doing.  Then I left.  No big deal, right?  Apparently, though, the lady and her husband told the director of the school a very different story.  I got a stern email saying she hoped "none of the other students had witnessed" what happened and that she expected parents to set an example.  HUH?!? I have no idea what the mom must have said, but I do know the uncle had jokingly said that for a minute there, when I'd gone to talk to the mom, he thought I was going over to hit her.  Who even thinks that way?!  What kind of adults do they normally associate with?  I'm baffled.  I explained the situation to the director who apologized for pre-judging and I let her know she could give my email and phone # to the correct Lucas' mom so we can set up my plan of play dates or something so the boys can become friends outside of class.  I'm starting to miss the old Options program.  Much less drama.

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