Thursday, June 30, 2011

Staycation Day 1: Brighton Rec Center

Our plans to go to Oklahoma for the 4th of July got cancelled at the last minute because the county where Daniel's folks live decided to ban fire works the night before we were going to leave. So, instead, we took the money we would have spent on gas and fire works, about $700, and used it to have a massive staycation right here at home.

We sat the kids down and explained our decision. There were some tears because everyone wanted to see grandparents and cousins. Then we made a list of fun things we'd all like to do. Top on the list was going swimming. First stop, the Brighton Rec Center pool. It has a huge slide that kids over 7 can go down alone and younger kids can go down with a parent. It also has a little alligator slide and a shallow play area with fountains for the little kids. The part that Daniel and I like is that we can get the whole family in for about $30.

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