Monday, June 27, 2011

New Babysitter

We're breaking in a new babysitter named Alexis. She's 14 years old, a home schooler, the oldest in her family, and very responsible. Best of all, she knows how to be fun, but firm with our kids. I told her to be prepared, because some of our kids might just be on their best behavior the first few times she watches them, and show their worst once they feel more confident that she's not going to hurt them.

It takes a special person, and a very special teen, to be able to handle 8 kids. We've had adults who have watched them once and politely declined to ever watch them again. Not because they were bad, but because it takes a lot of patience and energy. Alexis did really well and the kids have all said they'd love to have her back. We're trying to be prepared since our regular babysitter is starting her senior year this Fall and won't be as available any more. I'm looking forward to the day that Danya turns 14 and is old enough to occasionally watch her younger siblings. It would be nice not to have to hire a babysitter just to get groceries. Sometimes I take the kids when I go, but it's a lot bigger job with that many people to manage.

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