Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Raging Rapids

"Come swimming with us," they said. "It's a nice little river where the kids can float down on tubes."

HA! Translation? It was a raging rapid of icy cold death rushing across giant rocks. So, while most of us stood on the side, sucking up our courage to get our feet wet, Daniel and Jim took a few of the big kids further upstream. Danya and Gloria did alright, though they didn't make it very far. Daniel and Brianna came racing past us... without their tube. They had flipped out and been carried away in the current.

Daniel managed to eventually get himself and Bri to the side, but the tube was gone. Luckily, a stranger found the tube and gave it back. Daniel ended up hurting his legs pretty badily when he smashed into some rocks. Almost two months later they are still covered in scabs and healing slowly. He may have permanent scars. All I can say is thank God he and Bri were safe and next time I'M picking the swimming location.

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