Saturday, June 04, 2011

Danya's 11th Bday Golf Party!

This year for Danya's birthday she had a very hard time deciding what she wanted to do. She knew that she wanted to go out to eat with her friends, but didn't know if she wanted to go fancy or not. She said definitely not to any kind of amusement park because she'd already done Elitches one year and we were in Disneyland on her birthday another year.

She finally chose to play mini golf, which she'd never done before, go out to eat at a buffet style restaurant, and have a sleepover... which to me sounds like she couldn't make up her mind and managed to fit three events into the cost of one. We let her know the budget we had and then she filled it. Luckily, mini golf was fairly cheap. On the down side, our other kids were invited to a birthday party at the same time, so we had to split the kids up. That meant two vehicles, and due to bad planning on my part, we ended up having to include Katie in Danya's party, since I needed the van and Daniel can only fit four kids in the car. Katie was the only one young enough to get into mini golf free. The party was a success overall. Hopefully Danya is planning ahead for next year instead of waiting to panic at the last minute again.

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