Friday, May 28, 2010

Sidetracked Home Executive in Training

This book is the one that inspired the FlyLady that so many people like. I've tried both plans and this one seems to work best for our family so far. If you're like me, highly distractible, but with
good intentions then you might be a S.H.E., a Sidetracked Home Executive. I read the key points of this book out loud to Daniel and we agreed to try it together. We spent a date night last weekend buying the card file and cards. It took a couple of hours at a Starbucks setting it up together, writing out the cards, and prioritizing our family activities.

On Monday we called and canceled the maid service we'd been paying to help us with the bigger home cleaning tasks and dove head first into the system. In our card file we included not only cleaning and home maintenance cards, but also cards for our daily homeschooling. At the back of the box we put sections with the kids' names on them, so that the older girls can look through their cards each day. They've all been really proud of completing the jobs and moving the cards as they do them. We're finally getting them to brush their teeth and make their beds consistently. It's a good visual plan for us, and I don't have to have any charts hanging on the walls, which I've always disliked because of the cluttered look they create.

Here's a website that has great ideas for following the system. It's called 21 Essays to S.H.E.
Now, I'm off to clean out my fridge... because the card says it's time.

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Anonymous said...

Love the updates! I hope you're back to blogging more regularly, but I understand how hard it is when you're trying to sell your home. I pray God will direct you to your new home soon and grant you patience while you wait!