Friday, May 21, 2010

Katie is Walking!

We've known that Katie was capable of walking for quite some time now. She simply refused to. She could push toys while walking behind them and she could hold our finger and walk beside us, but she would stubbornly refuse to walk on her own. If we tried to make her walk she would throw herself down on the floor and cry angrily.

That's why it was such a surprise when she suddenly decided to walk at McDonald's on the last day of school. We were hanging out waiting for the awards ceremony and picnic that morning when she just started walking. Sadly, only Kevin and I were there to see it. So I recorded her walking for proof. Then when we got to the school we showed her brother and sisters her new trick. She was proudly walking and waving.

Then for some reason she refused to do it again for three days. Today she started walking again and hasn't stopped yet. It's so cute to see her wobbling around the house. I'm just so relieved that she's finally walking at 15 months old.

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