Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lakeside Double Birthday

Some friends of ours invited us to a double birthday party for two of their kids. Their son, Jimmy, had a super hero party so all the boys wore super hero clothes, although Shane left his mask in the van. This was Katie's first time to ride most of these rides.

All the kids had fun running around to the different rides and spinning themselves sick. Daniel rode with them, but I chose to just be the photographer. Still, by the end of the day my ankle was killing me. I'm really wondering if my ankle never healed quite right, because it frequently stiffens up and I can't get it to bend at all. I'm sick of limping around the house in pain any time I've walked around too much or gone up and down the stairs too many times.

That morning, before the party, I also got to spend an hour at a used book fair in Arvada. I found several good deals including the entire collection of Felicity American Girl books for a dollar and all six levels of Writing Strands (which Danya really enjoys) for $10. Normally each of those books costs twenty bucks new. Somehow I managed to leave the building with an armload of books and only spent about $15 total. It was a good day.

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