Monday, May 31, 2010

She's Got Skills

Katie is learning so fast it simply blows us away. She listens to everything around her and often repeats back what we've said. I think she's practicing and trying out how new words sound. Sometimes she'll come up to us and make a teeth brushing motion to let us know that she wants to brush her teeth. By now she can name most of her body parts although she still calls her nose her "beep" since everyone used to beep her nose.

Daniel is a great dad and it's good that he's more adventurous than me because I'd be too afraid to let the kids try most things. He's the one that let Katie try out the big girl swing at just over a year old. Of course she loved it and did just fine. Now she can even "spider" with Danya on the swing. I may have my heart in my throat watching it but I'm so glad that Daniel doesn't let me instill my fearfulness in the kids. He reminds me that educating our children isn't just about teaching them what's in a book.

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