Monday, September 07, 2009

Our Brief Modeling Career

I don't know if I've mentioned previously that our family was chosen to be in publicity photos for our dentist's office. They called us up one day and said they wanted to have a professional photographer come out to their office and take photos of some of their patients. Several of the office staff recommended our kids. Probably because we have so many. They offered us a free family portrait and a copy of whichever photo they use. They plan to blow it up to poster size and hang it on the wall of the waiting room.

Normally, we would have had to refuse because of the privacy rules for foster kids. We were in a unique situation, however. By the time the photos were published, none of our four foster children would be in foster care any more. So we were able to get written permission from the dad of two of the girls, and we got approval from the county for Brianna and Shane. The photographer emailed me this group photo so that I could identify each kid in the photo.

They also asked for personal information about the kids' teeth and their experiences with the staff at Small Smiles. I think there's going to be a small bio at the bottom of the poster. I can't wait to see it on the wall.


Anonymous said...

too cute I love the family shot!

April said...

How exciting!!!! Great pic!