Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hospital Invasion

We visited Aunt Robin at the OU Medical Center while she was enjoying the sweet life, lazing about waiting for baby Chloe, her eighth child, to finish percolating. She was there for weeks and was on the verge of climbing the walls by the time we came. Between our six kids and the seven she currently had, plus her husband, me, and her parents that hospital room became a bit claustrophobic. The kids didn't seem to notice, though. They were too busy seeing who had grown taller in the past year and telling each other all the cool new things they've been doing.

Baby Chloe arrived last Thursday and was able to come home from the hospital on Saturday.


Lynette DLM said...

wow, that is a lot of kids, but I am sure the company was a great change.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sunday. I checked because I had seen Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Wayne on Sunday and then they said they were all in the hospital still. They came home that night which is absolutely amazing!