Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Library Story Hour

I used to take Danya and Gloria to story time at the library in Owasso all the time when they were little. Now it's an extremely rare event since my kids are all different ages and the librarians divide the kids by age so that my 5 year old could not be in story time with my 3 year old and the baby has her own time slot. It's just not designed for homeschooling families that have children of all ages with them.

That's why it was so nice while we were in Oklahoma to get to go with Glenda and her kids to the Cushing library story hour. They let all our kids be in the room, although the baby and the oldest two sat in the back of the room with me. They read some silly books including an expanded version of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" that I'd never seen before. Since we got back home I've promised Danya and Gloria that we can try to get back into the habit of attending the "Pen and Pencil Club" that meets at the library once a month.

We missed this month's club meeting because we were in Loveland, CO at a Christian book store there that sells Pathway Readers which are my current favorite reading and grammar materials. You can buy them here, but there are some cheaper used ones on ebay. Amazon's prices were terrible. One of the great things about these books and workbooks is how inexpensive they are. The hardback readers are about $6-8 and the workbooks are around $2. All of our kids (except Katie, of course) absolutely love the stories and enjoy the workbooks, too. We decided to go ahead and get the rest of the series that we didn't originally pick up when we found these at the homeschool convention this summer.


priscilla said...

They offer a family story time at Broomfield's library - Thursday mornings. Though we haven't gone in awhile.

I have a good life said...

Hey...from the last comment... Broomfield. Home Sweet Home for little ol' me. We have a family storytime here, but it is very difficult for all ages to be taken care of to their level. I have wished and wished that they'd split it like they have in cities I've lived in before. It does mean I go to 3 storytimes, but it is good for the kids. -sigh- I guess there is good and bad to both.