Sunday, January 04, 2009

End of Break Skate

To end the kids Christmas break time with a special event Daniel took all the girls skating at Skate City. The bad news is that they were overcharged by 10 bucks and the manager wouldn't do anything about it except let Daniel leave his name and number so that if they had extra money at the end of the night they'd give him a call. The good news is that the owner called the next day and said that they actually came up short and he thinks the manager or someone else may be stealing from him... and he says that Daniel has a free pass there to bring his whole family, all nine of us, next time!

While Daniel and the girls were skating the boys and I had our own fun at home. I pulled out some brand new puzzles that we worked on for a while. Then we colored together and played with play dough. I left the room for a few minutes while the boys were at the kitchen table using the play dough. When I came back in Kevin said, "Why you in here, Mommy? We're okay. Go!" So I sat in the living room to read while my very self-sufficient two year old showed his four year old brother how to make a handle for the cup he was making. It was a good night. It's hard to believe we'll be back to the school schedule tomorrow morning.

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