Monday, January 12, 2009

Swirly Curly

To relieve the endless wait for Katie's arrival I decided to make a change in my appearance. Since only one person at church noticed the difference on Sunday morning, I guess it's not quite as drastic a change as I thought it was. Saturday evening I went in to get it done and came out two hours later hoping I hadn't made a mistake. Personally, I think it looks nice. And it's taken my focus off my increasing resemblance to the GoodYear Blimp.

On a side note, our insurance company has informed us that they will not cover a home birth or any midwife who does not have a contract with them. The only midwives they cover are the ones at the center I'm currently going to and another one just like it in Commerce City. Meanwhile, our caseworker has said that we cannot leave our kids home with the baby sitter for 24 hours because she isn't 18 and approved by the county. So I guess I'll just send Daniel back home every few hours so that we can say she wasn't watching them for 24 hours straight. It's going to be an interesting labor and delivery this time around. I wish Daniel's mom could be here.


Kelly said...


Sorry about the decision from the insurance company. I am sure it will work out. Glad you have someone to babysit for you. Those girls are such a blessing to you. I would love to have someone that could watch our foster children for us occassionally.

christina said...

the hair is nice! its always nice to do something for the me in mommy.

Anonymous said...

I like the perm. It's very cute and so is you're outfit. Chin up. It will soon be over.