Sunday, January 04, 2009

34 Weeks

Or 7 and a half months, however you want to look at it. It's strange counting down the weeks this morning and realizing that I only have 5 maybe 6 more Sundays until Katie will be here. We started a Due Date Prediction game. All of the kids (even Sarah and Shannon) and Daniel and I got to pick a day on the calendar that we think Katie will be born. My guess is the 10th. Whoever guesses correctly will get an ice cream from Culver's. If I am very overdue then we'll just all make new guesses I suppose.

In other baby related news, I finally found a midwife. I'll be meeting with her on Tuesday to talk about what all is involved with having a home birth. Monday we're going to call the insurance company to verify that they'll cover midwifery expenses, but the midwife, Peggy, said that United Healthcare usually does cover it. Daniel is also going to be talking to his boss this week about scheduling the PTO days he plans to take when Katie arrives.

Looking at this photo that I took Friday night it still seems unreal to me that so many people still tell me that I "don't look pregnant" or that I don't look very far along at all. I feel like yanking up my shirt and pointing to this enormous beach ball I'm carrying around just to prove that I am, indeed, very pregnant.


April said...

Gosh Jess, I am SO HAPPY and EXCITED for you!!!! It stills seems like yesterday you were on here getting ready for Kevin. Are the days really going that fast???? I don't know how.
I keep telling Todd I sometimes wish we had just one more, I miss having a toddler around, but.....

You are amazing. I have no idea how you find the energy or the time to keep up with everything.

I know everything will go great and you guys are going to enjoy getting to soon meet baby Katie!!!!
Keep us posted okay!

cami said...

I can see how they say it!! You are all belly, my rear end was 4 times the size of my belly by 7 months, LOL. Perhaps my uterus is in the wrong end?

Anyway, you look great for 7 and a half months pregnant.