Monday, January 12, 2009

K'nex Constructions

Since all the kids were home from school today and we had a large snowfall, too, I decided to declare a "Pajama Day". The kids were excited because that is a very rare event in our house.

Just last weekend we bought the kids some new computer learning games. So they spent the morning playing those. Snow White really impressed me with her math abilities. I knew her teacher had said it was her favorite subject, but I didn't realize how quick she is.

Brother and Kevin were also very happy about their new pre-K Sesame Street games. It cracks me up watching Kevin show Brother how to use the mouse. They did well with most of the games, but Kevin struggled a little on the one that showed four objects and asked which one didn't belong. It's a tough concept for a two year old, I think, to understand that three things are made to travel in and one is a musical instrument. Later tonight he came upstairs to find Daniel playing my Book Worm game that consists of attacking enemies by making words from the given letter blocks. He got into Daniel's lap and said, "I know how to play this game. I played it at my friend's house." We just laughed and let him be the one to click the attack button.

Lately he tells us all kinds of inventive stories about something his "friend" or his "brother" did. They are quite a bit like the "Mary" stories that Gloria used to tell last year. Sometimes I hear Kevin tell the other kids that he is the mom and they have to listen to him. When I tell him that no, I am the mom, he just looks exasperatedly at me and says, "Actually, I'm just pretending." I have to keep asking Daniel if he's absolutely certain our son is two.