Monday, June 02, 2008

Mitt and Me at the GOP!

The Colorado State Republican Convention was this Saturday. I was up at 5:30 a.m. for the second day in a row to get out there and work a table. We were giving people their credentials and telling them where their seat assignments were. As a District Captain I was also required to be a row captain. My job was to make sure that the correct delegates were in their seats in my row, count how many alternates I would need, and hand out and collect ballots.

It wasn't always a fun job, like when they seated me in the middle of the row and I had to keep climbing over people. Or when they told me to tell everyone that the alternates were going to be seated and the ballots handed out at 10 a.m., so please don't get up to go anywhere just yet. Then due to a ballot counting error we didn't get the alternates seated or the ballots until after noon.

We did get to nominate Bob Schaffer to run for the U.S. Senate, elect a committee man and woman for the national GOP convention and also elect 22 delegates and 22 alternates as delegates as well. The best part was getting to hear Mitt Romney speak! I'd support him as VEEP in a heartbeat. He'd cover the economic knowledge lacking in McCain. The parts that took the longest were voting on the 40 proposed party resolutions and listening to all 385 candidates for national delegate each give a 15 second speech. There were a TON of extremely angry and intense Ron Paul supporters there.

I'm not a "unite behind McCain" person because honestly he just makes me madder every time I hear something new about him. Yes, I know he's better than a democrat alternative, but he just doesn't represent my views and beliefs. Worse than that, he doesn't seem to care that the base of his party isn't happy with his stance on illegal immigration, McCain/Feingold, and global warming. He just assumes we're stuck with him. I guess we'll see what happens in November. Meanwhile I'm actually hoping for a miracle. That some true conservative will spring out of the woodwork before then and steal the nomination or that McCain will choose a conservative V.P.

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Homeschool Housewife said...

I know how you feel about Mc Cain. Our Sunday school teacher is so funny if you get him onto the state of our nation. He doesn't like any of his choices. And neither do we. I just feel like all of the candidates are living in denial as far as our money problems go, and none have plan I agree with for education or the war.

I will probably vote Mc Cain, because he is the least repulsive. But it is a close thing. I too am hoping for a miracle.

What a great experience to be at the convention though!!