Monday, June 02, 2008

2nd Congressional District

I was on the credentials committee for Adams County this weekend. I got to work the table at the 2nd CD meeting Friday morning from 7am until it started at 9am. I've never participated in this sort of thing before. It was a lot of fun helping out, distributing paperwork to all the different counties, checking people in, handing out I.D. badges (credentials) and directing them where to go.

Then I was also a delegate from my precinct for the meeting. I got to stand up and speak to address a few issues, answering questions, and was asked by several people why I wasn't running for national delegate. They wanted to vote for me. Honestly I wish I could, but you have to pay your own way to Minnesota and the expenses to stay there for four days in September. I'm learning a lot this time around and enjoying helping in any way I can.

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