Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girl Movie Night

My friend Deanna pulled a fast one on us all the other night. She invited several friends from church and elsewhere to come have a Girls' Movie Night at her mom's house. We watched the old BBC version of Prince Caspian as a sort of comparison to the new one just released. I brought cheese and cracker trays. The other ladies made chocolate mint cookies, Zucchini bread, banana chocolate chip bread, and pink lemonade. It was really fun and delicious.

Then after the movie was over we all sat around and talked, getting to know each other. In an odd coincidence, of the three of Deanna's friends that showed up one was in college to become a social worker, one was a foster mom (me), and one was in the process of adopting from South Korea. At the very end of the evening Deanna let us all know her secret. This party was not just a girls' movie night. It was her birthday party that she'd thrown for herself. She didn't want anyone to bring gifts so she kept it a secret. In a way, she threw a reverse surprise party, by surprising all her guests!

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