Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buzzing My Baby

I gave Kevin his first buzz cut last week. It was fun and awful all at the same time. It was like shaving off the last of his babyhood and watching him physically enter those terrible twos that are the precursor to his little boy years. No more sweet golden baby locks for my son. He sat very still on his Daddy's lap and focused on the interesting sound coming from the trimmer.

When it was done he dutifully looked in the mirror to see his new style but wasn't nearly as fascinated with rubbing his hands on his head as all the rest of us were. He enjoyed watching his Dad get his "ears lowered" next. He seemed more concerned about the piles of hair in his lap and on his clothes than anything else. Daniel even let Kevin help use the clippers to crop his hair. I also used them to trim Daniel's new goatee. That was strange. I'm still adjusting to seeing Kevin walking around looking like such a big kid. Where's my baby?!

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Anonymous said...

Handsome kid!