Monday, July 30, 2012

Youth Group Camping Trip

 Danya went on her first ever youth group camping trip this summer.  I was so nervous letting her go.  Shannon, our babysitter, said she'd be there, and also our friend, James, who is a police officer in Denver.  She had a great time, even though it was crazy windy and rained on the last day.  It's so hard seeing her enter the world of teenagers.  This is her last year before she officially becomes a teen.  She is so mature and I'm so very proud of her.
 I feel like lately she has become someone that I can talk to and treat more like a friend.  There are still days when she gets in trouble or displays a bad attitude, but we talk about it and she usually comes to me and apologizes for her behavior.  I think she's becoming an amazing young woman and I can't wait to see her future... well, maybe I wouldn't mind if she holds on to childhood just a little longer.

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