Thursday, July 05, 2012

Keystone Lake

 After the zoo we had lunch with my friend, Missy, and her two girls Sara and Sydney.  Unfortunately, I was having such a good time that I totally forgot to take photos.  Afterwards, we met up with Daniel's parents, Glenda and her kids, and Daniel's sister, Robin and her kids at Keystone Lake.  It was beautiful.

Some of our kids had never swam in a real lake before.  Swimming in a lake in Oklahoma is a very different experience.  The water is muddy brown and you can't see the bottom.
There are lots of rocks that are either sharp or slimy with moss.  Some kids were jumping off of a large rock and we saw one of them slip and fall.  Looked like they hit their head, but they were okay.  Kevin got to test out his new airplane raft with attached water gun that he got for his birthday.  I enjoyed swimming with the kids, but I'm a Nervous Nelly, worrying constantly that someone will drown.  I had more fun playing with Glenda's baby, Sarah.  She is just so squishably cute!

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