Saturday, July 02, 2011

Staycation Day 3: Thornton Rec Center

The kids wanted to get wet as much as humanly possible during our staycation, so we went to the Thornton Rec Center pool on Saturday. The main features there are the wave pool, lazy river, big slide and giant crab slide. Shane was so excited to finally be tall enough to climb the crab slide by himself. He would go again and again, even though he got a face full of water every time. Some of the girls got Daniel to swing by a Dollar Tree store so they could use their allowance to buy water goggles. One pair broke right away, but the other girls had fun looking at the bottom of the pool.

The best part for me came at the very end when I got to float in a tube holding Katie while she slept as we went around and around the Lazy River. It was very peaceful floating and holding my sleeping angel baby.

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