Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July Spectators

This year for Independence Day we didn't get to do our fire works. That was really tough on the kids since they look forward to it each year. (Thanks, Oklahoma, for banning them in one of the last legal states) Instead, we accepted an invitation to watch the Broomfield fireworks show with some homeschooling friends of ours. We met at their house for a cook out and then walked about a mile to the big grassy field. It was fun, and a novel experience, although the show wasn't as good as the Thornton one we could see going on behind it. The kids made instant friends with each other. They even came to Kevin's birthday party a week later!

The funniest part was this lady, a friend of the hosts' that we'd never met before, who took the kids around the block freeing rabbits from cages their HOA had put up everywhere. I guess it was Independence Day for the bunnies, too.

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