Saturday, July 02, 2011

Staycation Day 3: Panda Express

During our staycation we added a few things to our "to do" list that the kids wanted to do but we normally say no to due to the cost. "Junie B." and Danya had been asking for months if we could eat Chinese food. The only Chinese food I really like is at Panda Express, but it costs about $7 per plate, so most of the time it would be way too expensive to feed a family of 10. This time we were able to say yes!

We divided into pairs and shared plates to keep the cost under $40. The kids loved the fried rice and the fortune cookies. Kevin tried to be bold and try some of the more unusual looking foods, but he didn't like them. Egg roll is apparently not something I should add to our home menu according to Kevin.

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