Monday, April 18, 2011

My Home Boys

My sons are only 4 and 6 years old. Is it possible that they could already be entering the phase where they won't wear clothes unless they are "cool" and start worrying about how their hair looks? Somehow, I thought that home schooling my children would alleviate the affects of the world a bit.

Lately Shane and Kevin are into any shirt with a hood, layering short sleeved shirts over long and wearing hats... backwards. They've moved from bunny ears to just flashing your basic peace sign in photos. Kevin has gone from an unwillingness to be in any photo without a bribe, to sometimes actually posing and telling me to take his picture.

The other day Kevin was laying on my bed to play Xbox when he noticed himself in the mirror on my headboard. He patted his perfectly parted shag hair cut and said, "I like my hair. It looks good like this. Don't I look cool, Mommy?" If this is what 4 years old looks like, what am I in for when he's a teenager?

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