Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dragon Park

We found this great park in Westminster. We've probably passed it a hundred times. The kids loved climbing on the dragon and the castle walls. We played hide and seek with a little boy we met there. Then we took photos of some of the plants we found. We were making a plant journal and had given up on finding a cactus, when we saw one near the park. It's funny sometimes to see an only child at a playground playing sort of forlornly while his parents sit at a nearby picnic table talking. When our family arrives, it definitely becomes an event to remember!

Daniel and I have been talking for some time now about the possibility of adopting one more time and being done with foster care for the next several years. We've been contacted about a few different sibling groups now, but nothing has quite worked out. There is still a chance that "Boo" and "Junie B." may become available for adoption, but it's looking less likely as time goes by. It will probably come down to a contested decision requiring a court hearing involving witnesses and a big show down between DCFS and the kids' guardian ad litem. That's never good. In the meantime we continue to do as many fun things as possible with them and enjoy the time we have.

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