Monday, April 04, 2011

Birth Family

Brianna and Shane are having visits again with their birth mother, her new husband, and their half sister Nevaeh (pronounced nuh-vay-uh). I've been told several times that it may not be the most emotionally healthy idea for my kids based on their reactions, but I think it's important that they keep some connection with their first family and grow up knowing their sister. I was separated from my half brothers and step sisters when I was 8 and didn't get to see them again until I was 25. I consider that to be a profound loss in my life. Brianna and Shane shouldn't have to go through that.

Although I have concerns, the visits have gone okay so far. For now, we intend to continue them a few times a year. We're having difficulty getting in touch with their other half sister, though, who lives with her birth father. They've both been asking when we'll see her again. Adoption is such a strange thing and creates such odd relationships with people who would otherwise be strangers. It's like their first family has a missing piece of my kids that I can never understand or replace. I pray that we're doing the right thing and handling it all correctly.

**Note: I don't know if she would want me posting her picture or name, so I've blacked the photo. I don't want to ask because I'm not sure yet if I want her reading my blog.

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