Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AWANA Awards Night

So ends another year of AWANA at our church. Daniel was the leader for the 2nd graders again in Blue Group. Next year, if his work schedule doesn't change, may be the first time in 4 years that he doesn't lead that group. Danya did exceedingly well in her Truth & Training (T'N'T) group this year and was one of only two girls to receive a special challenge award. Gloria, Brianna, Shane, and Kevin all got an award for finishing their scripture memorization books this year. "Boo" and "Junie B." had only been with us for half the year, so they didn't have enough time to finish theirs.

It's so hard for kids in foster care. They never get a full year of school, or other activities. They can rarely commit to a sports team because they never know when they'll be leaving. Often they get moved just before their birthday. We try to cram as much fun stuff as possible into the time they are with us, celebrating every little holiday in a huge way, so that they can make a ton of memories during their stay with us. It doesn't make up for their losses, but I think it helps.

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