Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Piggy Tail Power

Ah, the power of piggy tails. Katie's hair was finally long enough to fit into piggy tails without sticking straight up in the air. It totally transformed her look. She went from a shaggy haired boyish urchin to a sweet faced little pixie.

Since this first attempt, I've done her hair almost daily in piggy tails because it looks so darn cute on her. She will even tell me that we can't go outside yet because we haven't done her "pitty tails". She sits patiently on my bathroom counter while I put them in, although she'll let me know if I'm pulling her hair. Next she wants to stand up on the counter and admire herself in the bathroom mirror. Finally, she has to jump down to show everyone else how pretty she looks. She'll keep bugging them until they exclaim, "Woo woo! Pretty girl!"

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