Saturday, January 01, 2011

Game Frenzy

For awhile in January we were on a crazy game kick where we played a board game, cards, or our new dice game "Farkle" almost every day. We're planning to put up a board in the dining room to keep track of our top Farkle scorer. I gave Daniel the game as a stocking stuffer for Christmas, but had no idea that it would be such a hit with the whole family. We've even roped friends into playing it with us.

One lazy Saturday I pulled out a game we haven't played in a long time called "Acquire". It's actually out of print now. The manufacturer stopped making it a few years ago, although you can still play online versions. We introduced Danya to the game and she came pretty close to winning. It's all about buying and selling shares in hotel chains and is loosely a stock market game. It's so nice having an organized game and toy storage closet. We're finally enjoying our stockpile of board games.

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