Friday, January 21, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Danya, "Junie B.", and "Boo" went to the Daddy Daughter Dance at their elementary school. Did I mention that we decided to let Danya try out the latter half of 5th grade? She pointed out that it was her last chance ever to experience public elementary school. I pointed out that she'd be wasting an entire semester academically, but she really wanted to try it. It didn't take long before she was saying she was ready to be homeschooled again, but we are requiring her to finish the semester.

Anyway, the dance was packed. It was a bit strange, too. At one point they gave all the kids rolls of toilet paper to wrap their dads up. And lots of families didn't get the whole daddy DAUGHTER point so there were quite a few boys there. The girls enjoyed dressing up and having their hair done. We didn't manage to get "Boo" new dress shoes in time, so she wore princess dress up shoes. "Junie B." wasn't much into dresses, but she seemed to come out of her shell a little in her sparkly pink gown. I think some of her tom boy front is more of a defense mechanism. It took a while to convince her to let me put her hair in something other than her typical low over the shoulder pony tail. They all looked absolutely beautiful.

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