Thursday, December 09, 2010

Options Christmas Party 2010

The Christmas party for our kids' one day a week Options program for homeschoolers was held at the Westminster Rec Center this year. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery ahead of time, so I only got about 4 pictures before it died.

The kids really enjoyed swimming. I was too self conscious to wear a bathing suit among that many people I knew, so Daniel went in with the kids while I kept an eye on things from the sidelines. After they'd been swimming for an hour or so I noticed something strange in the water. That's when I spotted the feces on the side of the pool and alerted the life guard. They had to get everyone out and drain the pool. Luckily, our party was wrapping up, so we just headed out at that point.

We also received some coupons for free Chick Fila kids' meals. I read the coupons wrong, though, so I only got a box of nuggets for each of the kids. That's what I get, I guess, for always teasing Daniel about not reading things thoroughly.

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