Sunday, December 19, 2010

Babysitter Gift Exchange

Sarah and Shannon are our favorite baby sitters. They've been taking care of our kids since 2007. They started when we only had 3 kids and have grown with us in the ability to handle a crowd.

We've known them since they were young teens, and we spend so much time with them that we consider them to be extended family, often referring to them as "our oldest daughters". It's become a tradition to exchange Christmas gifts with them a week or so before Christmas each year. They have fun finding little things for each of our kids and we usually get them something cute like Christmas ornaments with their names on them.

By far, though, the best gift we get each year from them is two coupons for free babysitting. At a time of year when we are especially broke due to buying Christmas gifts, it's something we've come to look forward to. Sarah and Shannon have said that they consider babysitting, for a very low hourly rate, for our large family to be a kind of ministry. They help us so that we can continue to be a strong foster family. Sarah and Shannon, we thank you, and our marriage thanks you!

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