Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Behavior has it's rewards

We've been trying out a new good behavior reward system with the kids for the past few months. Each day that they manage to get their jobs done and have a good attitude, and we get a good report from teachers if we aren't there, they "win" for the day and get to stay up late to do something fun. One day in December all the kids had done particularly well. Since Daniel and I had to drive south of Denver to pick up some Christmas presents we found on Craig's List for the kids, we decided to reward them all. We found a Chuck E. Cheese that we had never been to before near our destination and surprised them when we pulled up in front of the building.

We used some internet coupons so the kids all had a ton of tokens and got to go nuts for about two hours. Katie, as usual, loved the rides. Gloria likes the Virtual Roller Coaster, and the boys just love putting tokens into the slots, no matter what the game is. Daniel and I liked the price, only about $30 bucks to entertain all 8 of us.

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